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It’s an oldie but a goody: Cotton kills. For hundreds of years as explorers pushed into the arctic and antarctic regions of our planet they encountered many life threatening challenges. Having the right clothing can give you an immense upper hand, but we have moved far beyond cotton-aversion and furs. Synthetic fabrics and years of R&D have led to the creation of some pretty cool cold weather and cold water protection.

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From Boris Allard


From Kanoa Zimmerman

tumblr_lsh07odZJ31qepju4o1_500 Coffee Creek GangwayKitty's First Day Out

From Corey Arnold

Antarctic Negatives


Although it’s old news by now, negatives from many different polar and Antarctic expeditions have been recovered, processed and their contents revealed many years after they were abandoned in the snow. These in particular are though to be from Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party (1914-1917) who were stranded after their boat drifted out to sea without them. They were recovered by conservators from the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust and you can view all 22 of these images, among many, many other interesting historic images, at their website.


Franklin’s Found Expediton


170 years after it was last seen or heard from, archaeologists in the far north of Canada have located the wreckage of the long lost Franklin Expedition.

Amazing. One of the greatest Arctic mysteries of all time, and the answers may be right at our fingertips in the next few months.

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Ice Lamp from Kitty Kraus


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From Simon Harsent


Laura Plageman – Response to Print of Egret Rookery, Louisiana (2010)


From Andy Goldsworthy