Antigua Antigua, Katherine

I’ve returned, with all my digits, to an exceedingly autumnal New York City. My time in Svalbard was everything I had hoped but nothing like what I had expected. I’m going to write a few posts over the next weeks telling you about the trip itself, where we went, what we saw and learned, and hopefully after some time has passed and the experience has sunk in a bit more I’ll start to process my photos and impressions into some more eloquent and interesting pieces.

Despite my laptop dying at the end of the trip and one pretty epic bout of seasickness, the trip was a total success. I’m really looking forward to getting film processed this week and to brainstorming with my friend and collaborator Emilie Lundstrøm as we bring a show together.

View from the Antigua

View from the Antigua

So, here’s a little intro to what my trip was like! I lived aboard a barkentine sailboat with about thirty other people, including a wonderfully funny crew and four passionate, kind wilderness guides. Oh, and don’t forget Nemo, our guard dog! He was so good at his job we didn’t see a single polar bear during our trip. The ship, the Antigua, was a beautiful place to call home for a few weeks. We even had the weather in our favor a few times and were able to help the crew hoist the sails so we could sail rather than run the motor!

The view from my bunk's porthole

The view from my bunk’s porthole

Our very first stop was at a glacier, which met all of my highest expectations immediately. The glacier, Sveabreen, was fairly active but also had an inactive end that we could land right near, allowing us to touch the glacier in safety. It was a spectacular way to start the trip.

Isfjord 2 Sveabreen12

Nemo and the Antigua at Sveabreen

Isfjord 2 Sveabreen27

Touching a glacier for the first time!

I’ll write more about our following landings and travels soon. Again, I simply must give thanks to all of the people who supported my trip, including those who helped get me to Svalbard as well as the guides and companions who helped make the experience so wonderful.

Isfjord 2 Sveabreen18

Sveabreen glacier


Stockholm and Northwards

After a lovely few days in Stockholm I’ve arrived in a very chilly Longyearbyen, Svalbard. We will get on our boat and set off tomorrow, so this will be the last you hear from me for a while! 

the beautiful Vasa Museet in Stockholm




Now in Longyearbyen were getting acquainted with the cold and having some safety training. We’re very excited to see some wildlife on this trip, including polar bears, but hopefully all from a safe distance! We’ve enjoyed some of the museums here in town (though to my chagrin the exploration and the airship museums were closed for the season) and had some really excellent, hearty food. We’re venturing to the seed vault today, although we won’t be able to go inside that should be a very cool experience!

So, so long for now, and thanks for following me this far. I’ll be back in touch once we’ve come back to port in a few weeks! 


Longyearbyen sunset


the Svalbard museum