Moving and What’s on the Horizon

I’d like to thank all of you reading for your support and enthusiasm over the last year and I prepared for and then left for a month long trip to Svalbard. It was an incredible experience and I’m really enjoying working through the images and video I brought back with me. Although I won’t be updating this blog regularly anymore, I will be sure to announce any Svalbard-related news as it crops up.

Three bits of news then:

Work of mine from Svalbard has been selected to be exhibited this summer in two separate shows! One is the Under 30 group show at VisArts Rockville center in Maryland. You can learn more about that show here

I’ll also have some pieces up in the International Center of Photography’s Annual Alumni show, which will run from August 27th to November 2nd in the school gallery at ICP in New York.

Thirdly, I’ve created a little set of cartes de visite using photos from my trip around Svalbard. They will be completed in the coming week or so, and I will be posting a few from the first edition on my website for purchase. I will post more details later.

I’ve also, as a side note, made a big change! I recently moved from NYC to DC where I am enjoying humidity, space and my very own studio. Thank you again for continued support and interest, I’m really optimistic about the beautiful things that will continue to come out of this amazing opportunity I had.


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